We all get attracted by the big bold statements on the front of every package. If it’s caught your eye, then that big bold message has done its job. The truth is more likely under the hood, or in this case, at the back of the packaging.

Nutrition labels are boring. Lots of numbers and words that we don’t really understand.

There are a few things you should look out for when deciding.

First we need to know what our bodies need per day.

An average adult will need

 Per DayLooks like% of Meal
Calories2000 to 2500  
Fat44 to 78 grams10 to 18 teaspoons20 – 35%
Sodium (Salt)5 grams or 2000 mg1 teaspoon 
Carbohydrate225 to 325 grams 

45 to 65%

10% from Sugar

Sugar55 grams11 teaspoons
Dietary Fibre25 grams  
ProteinsUp to 175 gramsSize of a steak10 – 35%

We know that’s a lot to remember. Generally keep the Fat, Carbohydrate and Protein proportions to 20, 55 and 25%

Remember that what you are consuming is part of your entire day’s caloric requirements. Don’t blow it all on one snack or meal! Most of what’s in the package is beneficial. It’s the amount you consume that makes it unhealthy.

What to look out for:

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