Ingredient Combination

Chicken – Eggs – Shiitake Mushroom

Congratulations to Jess Koh for an outstanding number of combinations!


  1. Chicken, egg and mushroom wrap
  2. Chicken mushroom soup
  3. Sushi with chicken and eggs
  4. Chicken pie with mushroom
  5. Steamboat with chicken, eggs and mushroom
  6. Mushroom soup with eggs
  7. Chawanmushi with egg, chicken and mushroom
  8. Kimchi shiitake soup
  9. Chicken shiitake mushroom pizza
  10. Curry chicken
  11. Ginseng chicken
  12. Herbal chicken soup
  13. Braised chicken, egg and mushroom
  14. Tomatoes with mushroom soup
  15. Okayo don (chicken + egg)
  16. Chicken, egg and shiitake mushroom donburi
  17. Chinese braised soy sauce egg

Which dish would you like to see the recipe for? Do you have any recipes from this to share?

Send them to us and we’ll share it on our recipes section.


Watch out for our next challenge tomorrow!


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