We sit hunched over at the desk for hours on end. We’re typing and slouching and slowly sinking into “bad” posture.

Our shoulders are paying the price for this, but is our 1 hour at the gym here and there helping us improve that?

Is our personal trainer constantly barking at us to “get your shoulders back and down” helping?

What does, “get your shoulders back and down” even mean anyway?

If we think of our body as a map that our brain is trying to read, then for most of us this map is smudged at best. We’re not able to get a clear message to our brain about our body’s parts in space. So when we hear “back and down” often times we don’t have access to the “STUFF” that’s supposed to do that.

But did you know that the more you move your “STUFF” around, the more we’re able to learn about our body? I say “STUFF” because I want to keep this as simple as possible for anyone who’s reading this, without getting too far into the science jargon.

Being more mindful of our experience changes the information that we are able to recall

When you move your joints through the range of motion that you currently have, it’s like you’re exploring the places on a map that you’re uncertain about. It’s like going to a place you haven’t been in a long time. You have an idea in your mind what it looked like, but you may not be able to pick out the details. It could even be a place you go regularly but are never mindful of when you visit. For example, you know what the street of your hometown is like, but can you remember the color of each of the homes on that street? You may not even know the color of the homes on your own street. Being more mindful of our experience changes the information that we are able to recall.

A similar process happens when we move our stuff around. We can move around mindlessly all day and our body has a general picture, but when we become mindful about the space we’re exploring, we’re able to pick out the details. The more frequently we do this, the more we’re able to clarify the details.

Your joint health depends on movement to imbibe new fluids and flush out waste. Our movement acts as a pump and limitations in range limit the ability to do this.

Our body works in a “use it or lose it” sort of way. If you don’t go somewhere in a long time, there becomes less of a need to recall specifics. How often do you squat past the height of your chair, sofa, bed, or toilet? Eh… no need for my hips to work past that point so for most people this slowly begins to become a limitation throughout life.

Back to your desk.

We’re sitting.

We become fatigued.

We do very little to expand and explore our full range of motion.

Shoulders and Spine round and we end up in a vicious cycle leading towards compromised posture. The only “bad” posture is the posture you spend too much time in. The body should be fluid so let’s create more opportunities to move daily with these 3 Simple Shoulder Mobility Movements you can do at your desk.

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Have a look at the video breaking down the 3 Simple exercises below.


Check out the video below with 3 Simple Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk.



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