In the first part of this article series, we looked at some off-beat remedies for treating back pain. Although visits to your physiotherapy clinic may still be required for diagnosing and managing acute injuries or chronic pain conditions, you can use some alternative treatments methods simultaneously. Here are some more unusual yet effective ways to deal with neck pain.

1. Eat Well

There is growing opinion and research to suggest that a number of nutrients are involved in pain relating to neuromusculoskeletal system. Vitamin D for joints and pain in general, magnesium for muscle, nerve and bone health and B vitamins for energy production in general and neurological health are key in the full functioning  of the systems that support you on a day to day basis.

2. Perform aqua exercises

Getting into the pool is possibly one of the most fun ways of managing your back pain. Consider a mild swim session once a week. Perform a few squats and free hand exercises as you stand bust-deep in water. Water provides a controlled resistance to your movements, reduces joint compression through buoyancy thus safely working wonders for aches and pains.

3. Apply ice and heat

Both warm compress and ice packs can work wonders for your neck pain. If it is a muscle sprain or spasm, consider using a heat pad. Ice pack is best suited for acute injuries (the first 12 hours). They can be applied for 20mins every two hours. You can seek further advice on this from a specialist in your nearby physiotherapy clinic.

4. Don’t sit straight – move

A large and growing body of evidence is attempting to fight popular opinion (since Victorian times) that sitting straight is best. The evidence suggests that no posture is better than any other when it comes to static/repetitive low loads. More likely, the suggestion is that movement is best. After all we were made to move, not to sit, nor stand still, no matter the position, for any length of time. The key to life and pain free living, perhaps, is variation.



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