Fit2Go.Asia is multi-channel portal about sports, fitness and nutrition.

Our goal is to promote positive behaviour change and sustainable healthy lifestyle in Asia.

Created for Asians. We look to bring fellow Asians relevant information – sports, fitness and nutrition, encouraging them to take a step forward.

Our stories and information are crafted and collected from various sources within our network – professional opinions, experiences from individuals and partnerships with associations.

The Founders

KC Chua, 48 years young

Endurance sports enthusiast. Marathons and triathlons are my jam.

Started on my health journey after I turned 40.

Fit2Go.Asia gives me an opportunity to share what I have learnt about health and fitness from my own personal journey. What I hope comes through from our message is that balancing work, life and health is possible. It is a personal journey made less lonely with friends and family around us. What you sacrifice and what you gain are specific to you.

Selinna Tsang, 52 years young

Endurance sports enthusiast. Marathons and Race Walking is my ‘thing’.

Got back into sports after my 2 children arrived, it was also getting back to postpartum.

As a mother of 2, regional sales director of a tech company, it is difficult for me to maintain my fitness to take part in the sport I love. As a loving husband and supporter, KC (founder of Fit2Go.Asia) started providing me with simple 5min workouts that I can do daily anywhere – home or work. Through this, that was the birth of Fit2Go.Asia. As living proof that it is not impossible to maintain my fitness level, even though having a busy schedule. Fit2Go.Asia gives me the opportunity to share and motivate others like me.

Jason Tan, 42 years young

I do not run, cycle or swim… My adrenaline pumps hard through my veins when battling a beast in its natural environment and being victorious when landing it on the boat. My journey in fishing restarted in 2014, and have been blessed to be a field tester for some of the most renown brands in the fishing universe.

I always believed in fostering a win-win solution, Through Fit2Go.Asia, it gives me the motivation to proactively practice what I believe in. It also opens up endless opportunity for me to give back to society – helping others in their journey towards a better way of life. The best part of it all, I get to mix business with pleasure. 

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