You’ve signed up your first ever gym membership….. a month ago. Now your feeling all sorts of anxieties about going. We’ve all been there. What are the common ones? How do we deal with them? We ask Jay from Anytime Fitness Telok Blangah.

First off. Congratulations for signing up. Now you have all the physical tools you need to achieve your health and fitness goals! But you’ve been procrastinating for a month now. In reality your feeling anxious about going in and “exposing” yourself to the world: how unfit your are, how flabby you are, how little you know about exercise, etc.

Anxiety is a common occurrence, especially for newbies who are just starting their health and fitness journeys. But even seasoned veterans can get anxiety for various reasons from moving to a new gym or the feeling of intimidation by a fitter or stronger member.

We sat down with Jay from Anytime Fitness Telok Blangah to get his views on

1- What are the common anxieties we face as a beginner

2- How to manage these anxieties


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