What’s the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about growing old and retirement?

Sit back, drink kopi, lepak and enjoy.


The current education of the older population to keep active seems to be working. We at fit2go.Asia fully endorse the idea! Never has there been the belief that exercising comes to an end once we reach of age. For example, you do not stop drinking water after a certain age, just because you have been drinking it all your life.


As a fact, it is the opposite as you get older. Exercise becomes more important as age catches up with you to maintain and continue to live healthily.


Exercising or just staying active helps with some common symptoms that comes with age;


Symptom 1: Putting on weight as metabolism decreases


As we age, our metabolism decreases. That means not eating that fried chicken just so you can maintain your weight.

Exercise increases your metabolic rate. A higher metabolic rate means you actually burn more calories while you lepak and drink your sugar free kopi as compared to your friend who doesn’t exercise at all. Vanity is still much important to everyone, no matter the age! 




Symptom 2: Reduce in physical mobility  


With exercise comes overall improvement of body strength, balance and flexibility.  These aspects become increasing important as we age, so that we are still able to enjoy those favorite activities with love ones. To maintain that, all you need to do is focus on exercises that mimic your daily functional movements. A good starting activity would be programs that promote flexibility such as Yoga or Pilates.  




Symptom 3: Depression and Mood Swings    


Who says exercising has to be done alone. There are community workouts or group Fitness classes that allows you not only to keep fit, but also gives you the opportunity to socialize with others. Alternative, just round up a group of friends and do something together, like a stroll in the park, following by a relaxing conversation over a cup of tea at your favorite joint. By just keeping yourself active, it helps to prevent depression.








Symptom 4: Slowing down of mental health


Exercising your mind is as important as physical exercise. Social games like mahjong have been shown to be beneficial to keep your brain healthy. With keeping your mind active, you get benefits like ability to multi-task better, reduce memory lost and keeping diseases like Alzheimer and dementia at bay.








Staying active and doing regular exercises not only helps to improving your overall muscle strength and well-being, it helps maintain or improve your quality of life. Having the energy, physically strength to keep up and being able to do activities with love ones and friends is priceless. 


Come to think of it. All the above are also applicable to everyone! Do not let your age be the determining factor for you to stop being active. You adopt the exercise and intensity according to your abilities, not your age.




Here are some activities that you can consider:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Brisk walks
  • Workout classes such as Yoga or Pilates

We hope this gives all of you some motivation to go out there and start being active.


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