BiteSize Class – Beautiful Abs Sculpt 2

Beautiful Abs Sculpt 2

Last two moves for the the Beautiful Ab Sculpt

Single Leg Lift is slightly different from single leg drop. Single leg drop starts with both legs are pointing towards the sky while single leg lift starts with both legs hovering inches off the mat.
Single leg lift recruit more lower abs muscle and hip stability.
I did the regression either by bending the knees alternately.

Eagle Crunches require you to twine your arms and legs but with thick legs and arms like mine, it is sometimes quite impossible. 😅😅 So obviously I did the regression for this by keeping both knees together and bringing my palms together. As I crunch up, I bring my elbows to my knees and vice versa. I love putting my thumbs on my forehead so that my hands doesn’t move, my shoulders are stable and I do the proper required move.

Music: Torchlight
Musician: Winter Foe

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