What Is Kettlebell

We've all seen those round balls with handles stacked right next to the dumb bells. Have you ever wondered what they are and what they're there for? We sat down with Coach Leah to ask about Kettlebells. We've all seen one of these in the gym. You . . .     Sorry, content is […]

What is a Physique Competition

We wanted to find out more about physique competitions after having had the honor to attend the inaugural Physique Competition at Anytime Fitness Clementi City in December of 2022. Who better to ask than one of the judges from that event. We speak to Coach Yusoff to explain what Physique Competitions are all about. We […]

AFCC Physique Competition Interview

Fit2Go.Asia had the honor to attend the inaugural Physique Competition at Anytime Fitness Clementi City in December of 2022. So we’ve taken the opportunity to speak to the manager Norliah Abu to understand more about the competition and what they hope to achieve organizing a competition like this. This one is for you gym junkies. […]

AFCC Physique Competition

Ever been to a Physique Competition? We went to the inaugural one at Anytime Fitness Clementi City in December of 2022. Here’s a summary of what happened that day! Building muscles is one of the appeals of regularly working out, especially at a gym. Some of start with just a simple desire to get stronger. […]

Animal Flow 2

Animal Flow is what is says on the tin. Don’t be fooled by the simple movements you see. They are challenging. Come see what goes on in a typical Animal Flow class. Now that we understand the concept of this unique exercise system. Let’s see it in action. We had a 1 on 1 session […]

Animal Flow 1

In this installment of Fitness 101, we speak to John Fong, Regional Leader for Animal Flow. What a provocative name for an exercise program. Let’s find out what animals have to do with working out. The name alone instantly created curiosity when we stumbled on this exercise system. We immediately wanted to find out more […]

Importance of Movement- Part 2

Now that we understand the basics of flexibility and mobility, let’s move on to how it affects us in our daily lives. It’s really something we should not ignore or take for granted. So we’ve touched on the basics of what it is and the components of movement. If you haven’t, click here! Now let’s […]

Importance of Movement- Part 1

Movement. Like breathing or sleeping, it’s not something we think about. We think it and it happens. But as we mature in this modern world, we are required to move less and less. Even more so when we are all working from home during this pandemic. The result of being not being active is not […]

Bungee Fitness

Bungee Fitness! Doesn’t that just describe it all? Suzie’s back with a new offering, Bungee Fitness! We’ve been watching her videos for a while now. It looks like so much fun we knew we just had to try it out. It did not disappoint. Firstly, the class is conducted in an air conditioned environment. Secondly, […]

Defining Your Goals

How do you tell your fitness coach what exactly it is you want to achieve. ‘I just want to look good’ isn’t helpful at all. Once again we turn to Jay from Anytime Fitness Telok Blangah for some answers. Now that you’ve gotten your fitness coach, how do you tell him or her what exactly […]