Food and Sleep

In our pursuit of healthy sleep, many of us try to follow the mandates of sleep hygiene. Keep the bedroom cool and quiet, switch off electronics, and avoid eating and drinking before bed. But what if we’re hungry, or need to have a late dinner? Which foods are safe to eat close to bedtime, and […]

Circadian Rhythm: A Key to Health

The circadian rhythm is a 24-hour biological cycle that governs when we fall asleep and wake up. A vital part of health and wellness, the circadian rhythm also influences other essential bodily functions such as hormone release, eating habits, digestion, and body temperature. (1) A synchronized circadian rhythm can promote better physical and mental health […]

Sleep and the Immune System

If you want to improve your quality of sleep, you need to maintain a healthy immune system. In this article, we’ll look at how the immune system works, how it relates to sleep, and how you can improve your own immune system. While we’ll look at advice from medical experts, keep in mind that we […]

5 Classifications of Excessive Sweat

1. Deficient Lung, Defensive Qi Symptoms: flu, fatigue, pale complexion, aversion to wind while perspiring Treatment Principle: replenish qi Prescription: Yu Pin Feng pills 2. Disharmony of Nutritive & Defensive Qi Symptoms: sweating, pain, feeling hot and cold Treatment Principle: watch diet Prescription: cinnamon twig soup 3. Heart-Blood Deficiency Symptoms: spontaneous or night sweating, heart […]

What To Eat To Lose Weight

Can you really eat more and lose weight? Many believe that to shed that bit of extra weight, you have to severely reduce the amount you eat. However, starving yourself is not the answer; instead, it may slow down the body’s metabolism, preventing any long-term weight loss. 1. Understand Your Body’s Needs  The first step […]

Get Full Fast With Fibre

It is advisable to use natural foods instead of taking the drugs or surgery route. It may be as simple as consuming fibrous foods, or drinking a glass of water to enhance fullness. “Choose fibrous foods to keep you satiated; you will automatically feel fuller faster,” advises Sheeba Majmudar, a nutritionist in private practice. “Fibre-wholesome […]

Ways To Maintain A Healthy Weight

High-fat, high-sugar diets and the lack of physical exercise are the major factors behind problems with being overweight and other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. In TCM, being overweight is generally regarded as a sign that imbalances exist in the body. The root causes of these imbalances have to be addressed […]

9 tips to promote sleep

1. Avoid overeating during dinner. Eating too late, too fast or too much for dinner may cause stagnation of food, which could give rise to sleep discomfort that is accompanied by stomach bloatedness, epigastric distension or acid reflux. Avoid eating food that is difficult to digest during dinner. 2. Maintain proper work-rest balance. Your body […]

Bid Tension Goodbye

When she started to experience aches in her neck and shoulders several years back, 38-year-old Madam Ke Meiyun* brushed it off, believing it was part and parcel of her high-stress position as a Finance Director.  But when the pain began to last longer than usual, Madam Ke started to suffer from headaches, dizziness and numbness in her fingers. “Doctors, sports doctors, chiropractors—you name it, I’ve […]

Fighting Fatigue

By Natura Magazine Strategies for dealing with different manifestations of fatigue. Caffeine has been the world’s most popular psychoactive drug among workers since it was first widely used during the dawn of the Industrial Age, keeping labourers awake and busy beyond the course of their natural body clocks. We face more threats to our health […]