Wet Brining

A typical busy day at home Conference call is on, kids are on the way home from school, phone buzzing and the list goes on. This is a typical day for a work from home mum, and it does not stop! Because every time the kids are back from schools – first question is “Mummy, […]

20 Essential Ingredients To Cook Asian Food

We here at Fit2Go are dedicated to offering you all sorts of healthy Asian dishes. Unfortunately, different cuisines call for a wide variety of ingredients. We’d end up with a very crowded kitchen if we bought everything. So, we have attempted to boil it down for you. You should be able to create most Asian […]

10 Healthy Cuisines

Want healthy variety? Sick of eating the same sort of dishes all the time? We went looking for the healthiest cuisines from around the world. Our search on the web came up with many common ones. We’ve made up our own summary for you to create a “super” healthy cuisine rules to follow. The general […]

What is Processed Food

You hear it all the time, get healthy, stop eating so much processed food. Ever thought about it? What exactly IS processed food? What makes it so unhealthy? What are processed foods? “Processed foods” is a VERY general term. The International Food Information Council qualifies the processing of food as “any deliberate change in a food that […]