4 Reasons Most Diets Fails, And What You Can Do About It

Stepping on the weighing scale for the first time after having partying over festive seasons is always hard – you don’t know what to expect, and sometimes not knowing feels better because you can escape reality for just a bit longer. But at some point, your clothes feels tighter than it should, and you decide […]

How to Deal with Chronic Pain

It is estimated that by 2030, chronic pain will affect 20% of the population in Singapore. Musculoskeletal pain such as neck, back and shoulder pain are highly prevalent. Chronic pain can give rise to other complications like fatigue, restlessness, and mood swings, decreased productivity at work and low mood. Thankfully, physiotherapy, among other treatment options, can […]

How Do You Know When You Are Injured

RUNNING 101 Most of us have no idea what it feels like to get injured. If it isn’t disabling we tend to ignore it or assume that it’s other things.In this last episode we talk about what to look out for.   Content brought to you in collaboration with our affiliate Breakaway Fit2Go.Asia – celebrating […]

7 Costly Pre-Competition Mistakes to Avoid

What you should NOT do to be mentally prepared for competition It is almost universal for athletes to feel some sort of anxiety before a competition. Is this a good, or a bad thing? Well, you have got to decide. If you decide that it is good, you will probably welcome the “butterflies” as a […]

Running Drills

RUNNING 101 What’s the deal with Running Drills? Why are they important not just to athletes but to the average runner? In the first video, we touch on the whys and hows In the second video Sumedha shows us a few examples of typical running drills. We’ve slowed it down in order to explain how […]

Warm Up & Stretching

RUNNING 101 What’s the importance of Warm Up and Stretching? Isn’t living in Asia warm enough? Still need to warm up? Most of us skip the warm up and go straight to the stretching before our workouts. Watch this to understand why we need to factor warm ups and stretching into our training sessions.   […]

4 more Unusual Ways to Prevent or Treat Neck Pain

In the first part of this article series, we looked at some off-beat remedies for treating back pain. Although visits to your physiotherapy clinic may still be required for diagnosing and managing acute injuries or chronic pain conditions, you can use some alternative treatments methods simultaneously. Here are some more unusual yet effective ways to […]

Different Types of Run Training

RUNNING 101 To get better at anything requires some amount of training. This includes running. In this episode we talk to Sumedha about the different types of Training you can do to make your running better and faster. Content brought to you in collaboration with our affiliate Breakaway Fit2Go.Asia – celebrating a better way of […]

Difference Between Running & Jogging

RUNNING 101 Running & Jogging are like such a natural, god given right. No one teaches you how to do it as we grow up. However, as we grow up and things other than play take over our lives, we unknowingly lose a lot of that intuitive knowledge. In this series, we explore what you […]

Am I Out Of Alignment?

what does it mean to be out of alignment? how detrimental is it to be out of alignment?   Our thanks to Matt Winters & Integrative Physio for working with us on this series. Watch out for our next installment next week. Fit2Go.Asia – Celebrate a better way of life!