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5 Classifications of Excessive Sweat

1. Deficient Lung, Defensive Qi Symptoms: flu, fatigue, pale complexion, aversion to wind while perspiring Treatment Principle: replenish qi Prescription: Yu Pin Feng pills 2. Disharmony of Nutritive & Defensive Qi Symptoms: sweating, pain, feeling hot and cold Treatment Principle: watch diet Prescription: cinnamon twig soup 3. Heart-Blood Deficiency Symptoms: spontaneous or night sweating, heart […]

Nutrition For Training After Prolonged Periods Away From Exercise

Due to different circumstances (Busy at work, Family Commitments, A Freaking PANDEMIC), we might choose be forced to stay away from training for weeks, sometimes months. Thankfully, time away from training is not forever, and we will be able to train again. Current Recommendations For Training After Prolong Periods Away From Exercise As we return […]