My love of experimenting with food has brought me to this  recipe, bringing back the memories of Mum and Grandma home cooking all in one recipe.

A truly foo for the soul.  I try to put a twist to it because in the household the boys do not fancy too much soup – the preferred is to have gravy accompanying the meat they are eating with rice.  Because I do not want to lose the goodness and nutrients that’s already in the stew, I keep the broth for Ramen the next day.  Remember Mum saying that all the goodness of the food goes into the soup (I’m Cantonese! What did you expect!?). 

Part 2 to this recipe is my Chicken Ramen recipe.


2 tbsp / Olive Oil

1 clove / Garlic (smash to boil in the broth) 

8pcs chicken wing (you can choose to half the chicken into bite size)

1/3cup (85ml) soya sauce

2 bay leaves fresh or dried 

1 big Onion in slices or diced

1 carrot diced

5 button mushroom

1 – 2 potatoes diced


Making Chicken Broth 

Use Chicken bones and water with 1 tsp of salt and boil for about 2 to 3hrs, if the water level reduce, add on little by little to achieve the thick rich flavor of Chicken broth. (What I like to do is to keep filter the broth so that I get a clear soup.  By the time you get the clear chicken broth, water reduced you can add in your onions, carrot, mushroom, tomatoes, celery.  Mainly hard vegetables and you can once again boil it down to get my flavor and sweetness, so all the nutrition gets into the broth – that way you also hide the vegetable goodness in the soup. Mainly for children who does not like vegetables ☺

Once the vegetables get softer you can add in the Brown Miso Paste – (I choose to use the darker Brown Miso Paste is because it tastes much better.  But there is a lot of individual preference, you can also use lighter brown miso paste too)

Searing the Chicken

Sauté your shallots and garlic in oil till it gives out light fragrance, add in chicken pieces.  Lightly cook and brown the surface of the chicken or medium heat to brown the chicken before putting into the chicken miso broth.

Boil it down the chicken broth till it slightly thicken. 

Now you are ready to serve! Enjoy!!


Special thanks to Selinna for sharing this recipe!

Have you tried this recipe? Send us a pic, tell us how it went.

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