To make this recipe you are going to have to check out the previous post Chicken Stew. I have taken the left over stew and made it into the broth for the ramen. The flavors have intensified now and really brings the umami into the ramen.

OK, this is a reminder that this is just my version. I’m not a professional chef, just enthusiastic about exploring and experimenting. Enjoy.


2 tbsp / Olive Oil

1 clove / Garlic (smash to boil in the broth) 

Half to a whole chicken breast – sliced thinly

OR use

1 tray of Pork Kee from NUTC Extra – Collar meat pre-sliced thinly or Shoulder meat thinly sliced for Shabu shabu


1 tray of pre-seasoned meat from Don Dondonki meat section

2 tbsp soya sauce

2 tbsp mirin 

2 tbsp cooking’s sake or Japanese cooking wine

(Note these ingredients below are from your stew and you can still add on to it if most of it are already consumed)

1 big Onion in slices or diced

1 carrot diced

5 button mushroom

1 – 2 potatoes diced


Cooking Ramen 

Fresh Ramen from NTUC Extra OR

Instant Ramen from Don Dondonki

Both are just as good and easy to make, just like instant noodles.


Cooking the Meat 

Sauté your shallots and garlic in oil till it gives out light fragrant, add in chicken pieces.  Lightly cook and brown the surface of the chicken or medium heat to brown the chicken before putting into the chicken miso broth.

Boil it down the chicken broth till it slightly thickened. 

Now you are ready to serve! Enjoy!!

Special thanks to Selinna for sharing this recipe!

Have you tried this recipe? Send us a pic, tell us how it went.

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