When life gives you kum, make marmalade!

Alright, we all have this problem every year. The Lunar New Year is over and you are left with a whole pile of Kum (mandarin oranges). There are many variations you can make, like adding raisins or candied ginger. Here we have the basic recipe, the rest you can have fun exploring!

This is a simple non fussy recipe. However, it does take some time and patience. Great for gifting as well! Your colleagues will think the world of you for such a personal gift!


1kg Kum (mandarin oranges)

2 Cups Sugar (any type)

1 litre Water


  1. Peel oranges & cut up the oranges, making sure you take away as much of the white skin as possible and the seeds
  2. Keep about a quarter of the skin
  3. Cut the skin into thin slivers
  4. Put a small saucer in the freezer
  5. Drop the skin in a deep pot, fill up with water to just below the level of the skins
  6. Boil until skin is soft (you will have to bite it to test!)
  7. Once soft, add sugar a bit at a time, stirring as you do
  8. Taste before adding more sugar
  9. Simmer to reduce to a jelly like consistency
  10. Stir constantly to keep the bottom from burning
  11. Drop a little of the marmalade onto frozen saucer to check if it’s to the consistency you like
  12. Turn off the heat before you think the marmalade is done, it will jelly up as is cools down
  13. Transfer into sterilized containers, set aside to cool


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