Team Fit2Go.Asia Explores: NPark’s Coast 2 Coast Trail at NIGHT

“After a day’s walk, everything has twice its usual value”

– G.M Trevelyan

My thoughts and experience of our first walk together, exploring the Coast 2 Coast Trail at night. Having done marathons and long distance walks, this was a totally different experience! Not chasing people or time, no records to meet. Just good company, cool weather and an open mind to our adventure.

I am not much of a writer, so my apologies for putting the whole thing in point form.

Checkpoint 1

  • All excited, enthusiastic all headed towards Lakeside MRT. Station to start the walk
  • Although we were late to start the walk, all of us had 1 mission: to get to Straits Wine to pick up our last walker with 4 bottles of champagne that we are going to carry with us on this journey to fill journey with some ‘bubbly’
  • Intention was to also have a few bottles of wine before we start on the next 2/3 of the walk . We need our ‘fuel’!
  • Sad thing was Straits Wine last order was at 10pm. With our quick steps, bus journey, we still could not make it to Straits Wine on time
  • PCN along Jurong Lake MRT with nice constructed path, although there were just so many cyclist on the path which makes it dangerous for both cyclist and walkers or runners
  • Looks like we are going on ‘Jungle training’ as one of the Walkers commented!
  • Stomping through the ‘Urban jungle’ to reach our drinking destination on 6th Avenue
  • We are all walking fast at about 8mins/km. And if it is not with so many cyclist on the PCN we would be walking even faster.
  • Instead of walking around Bukit Batok Nature Park, we have decided to just cut across the highway and walk along the outskirt of the Nature Park before we come out through Bukit Timah highway ☺!!! Again that would safe us lots of time as we all have a deadline to meet 10.00pm before Straits Wine closes and not server the alcohol!!!!!! Ahhhhhh! Now we are even walking faster.
  • If the cyclist is wondering what is wrong with this 6 person walking on the PCN at such a speed, no one realize that we are needing the alcohol booster before we walk the rest of the long way

Checkpoint 2

  • Got to Checkpoint 2 at ease, which means we are really chasing for time to get to our ‘refreshment’.

Checkpoint 3

  • Interesting … this checkpoint is right outside a Church
  • Time was cutting too tight, we took a bus to Beauty World just to get to 6 avenue faster!!
  • Mood was still upbeat at about 9:30pm
  • Disappointment! In tears, The Strait Wine Company cashier is CLOSED we can’t have our drink!
  • Coffee Shop was our solution – a bucket of beer
  • Still a landmark that we achieve, so a picture is a must!
  • Coffee shop style – beer served!
  • So here let’s Cheers, before we continue on our journey east!
  • And as tradition goes get chili to ward off the rain, so the ladies wanted to just get one chili to bring along with us on the next
  • Since we could not get one, they decided to get TOMATOES instead!!! Hahhaha!
  • One final arrangement, because the Champagne arrived and the ladies are packing so that the guys carry an even load of
  • And we are off, with the guys carrying the ‘little precious’ on their cooler backpack!

Checkpoint 4

  • Made it … didn’t realize that the Checkpoint 4 is just right outside Adam Road Hawker centre.
  • But it this one of the pit stop that does not have clean toilets at all!!! AHAHAH!
  • We head to the small playground nearby to pop our 1st bottle of Champagne before the rain came.
  • Here’s to good walking spirit and buddies! Cheering when is thundering and raining
  • Here we go … we will pass the Bukit Brown cemetery
  • Pleasant, nice path to walk on, big houses to see but there were lots of wild life around and we can hear them clearly
  • And yet our conversation was “Is that a bird or a bat” “Is there a shadow?” and all went silent.
  • It was a rather quiet walk after that… and you can sense the feeling of eeriness creeping over you.
  • Right after this bridge we are on the main road heading towards the entrance of MacRitchie facing Mt Alvernia Hospital.
  • … and that was right before it rained heavily
  • All anxiously awaiting for the rain to stop

Checkpoint 5

  • On route to Checkpoint 5 – Ang Mo Kio going through a tunnel near Marymount
  • Can you tell that most of us are already tired?
  • The motivation to move us forward was really the rain, we decided to push on till we find the next pit stop to rest our feet, toilet to freshen up, and a place that we can drink the 2nd bottle of champagne.
  • Found our fantastic pit stop, where we can even take a rest
  • Toilets are clean and brand new
  • Vending machines for cold drinks
  • And a big space to stretch our legs, while waiting for the rain to stop. Yet again it rained and we got shelter
  • We all vote that this place is the best pit stop
  • We are in Ang Mo Kio …. Yah!!!!! Finally, four more stop to our destination Coney Island
  • Going through Bishan park cutting through Ang Mo Kio from Ave 2,3,4 and 5
  • As the sign says towards Seng Kang, Checkpoint 6 here we come!

Checkpoint 6

  • Maybe is due to hunger – someone started the conversation on McDonalds as one of the pit stop so that we can use toilet and have some food and rest. The conversation did not stop because we were all trying to locate Bishan McDonalds or Ang Mo Kio McDonalds that is open 24 hrs … so we asked our best friend ‘Google’.
  • Destination set, one Mission = McDonalds Ang Mo Kio, here we come!
  • Mission Accomplish!!!! McDonalds- most was looking forward to coffee, snacks aircon and toilet break
  • We were also cracking at a lot of jokes…all happy as we grateful for the food available.
  • This is what I called “happy faces” at checkpoint 6, but you cannot imagine the ‘pain is so real’ by now we are at about 20 plus km.
  • Legs are tired, backpack that you are carrying feels like it has a ton of rocks in it
  • Chaffing starts to happen now if you are not with the right attire, as one our Walker experience. We went on a hunt for a 7Eleven nearby so that we can get some ointment. 
  • ARRRRRRR! No nearby 7Eleven, our best bet was petrol station, so hopefully they have Vaseline, and if still do not have any, one will need to buy ‘KY Jelly” ….. ahmmnmm!!
  • Yet everyone push on to finish the last 2 checkpoints.
  • We lost a walker right around here too due to injury on his foot and could not walk any longer he went home to rest…. Lucky him!
  • While heading towards Checkpoint 8 which we are now along the waterways
  • Which is a beautiful place!
  • It was peaceful, calm, serene and we are only hearing the insects
  • Flashing lights was brighten the sky by now

Checkpoint 7

  • Hooray …. We are finally at the waterways, but the sky is not being too friendly
  • Flashing lights was brighten the sky by now
  • Is here that we also had a long debate on “which area has the most rude people” = Ponggol!!! Why? Most cyclist starts as early as 4am in the morning and there is not difference in this part of the Island, the PCN was filled with all sorts of cyclist e.g. the serious cyclist sort, the triathlete sort, the foldies cyclist.  The worst of them all is the 60+ athlete on the expensive road bike who thinks the PCN belongs to ‘him’ alone because he pays Taxes. Myself and another walker got scolded because we were blocking his way because he decides to cycle in the middle of the PCN and we are trying to avoid the dark bushes because of all the snakes, lizards and what you not wish to see.
  • That when the rain decided to cool us down with light and heavy showers every half hour, than came “mission to find shelter” which is not an easy task at all
  • See the beautiful sky lighted with fire. Do you know where there is?
  • Is Malaysia, and it an trash incinerator
  • Family of Robots under the bridge ….. hmmm!
  • We are taking our time taking pictures because “the rain is here again”
  • We are right under the next bridge and there is no more bridge from here to hide from the heavy rain
  • One of our walkers were able to catch some cat nap – just lying on the stone seats
  • This time we were really unsure if we can finish the last 2 checkpoints as they are really far apart.
  • And at this time we see many fast runners doing their long runs … all braving the rain and thunder. Was really tempted to tell them is better to be safe than ‘sorry’!
  • When rain out what we do …finish off the last 2 bottles of Champagne
  • And to keep the mood up, we were playing Hokkien songs, with Andy dancing to the songs …is quite funny. Runners are thinking we are crazy bunch!
  • That is when ‘Hunger’ calls … there is no stopping, unfortunately pls don’t try is not good at all.
  • We finally saw daylight, but we could not catch the sun rise due to the rain and we weren’t in the mood to chase of the sunrise anymore. We just want to finish, you just cannot tell that we are all damp and smelly.
  • Here we are saw a few monitor lizard swimming in the waterway
  • One on the footpath.
  • One of our walker, still wants to take pictures but the rest of us are all like uneasy all over and feeling scare, yes, you guessed it … we were almost chased by one.
  • Our spirit was definitely lifted knowing that we are close to Checkpoint 9
  • But let’s find checkpoint 8 first, and it’s just right here along the waterways
  • Checkpoint 8 …. Oh checkpoint 8 … where are you? One of the walker was shouting it! ; )
  • Picture perfect from the bridge we just cross
  • Right side of the waterways leads to somewhere else
  • Left will lead directly to Coney Island
  • Fresh beautiful flowers we see along the way
  • Now the feeling is like a sense of ‘peace’ and freshness in the air. It’s bliss!

Checkpoint 8

  • We found it along the waterways.
  • And most of us was quite fascinated with the next signage
  • What you do when you encounter Wild Boars
  • One commented … we will be running who cares about taking pictures with flash!
  • By now most of us cannot feel our legs anymore … we are just pushing forward to finish and be done with it!
  • The journey on was pretty quiet … but I felt that we don’t seems to be like in Singapore, it felt like we are in the woods in Australia
  • By the time we can see Coney Island it felt like I was in Chengdu, China

Checkpoint 9

  • This sign is right outside Coney Island gate …. “WE HAVE ARRIVED !!!!!”
  • 36km, 14hrs including waiting for the rain to stop. 25,0000 steps, burn 2072 calories later – WE ARE HERE!
  • Proud Moments, but we could not feel our legs!!!!!!!! AHAHHAHAH!
  • DO YOU KNOW – Coney Island use have a Cow there?
  • Wait what!? No cabs around here?! Have to walk to the main road?!


2018 when I did Let’s Take a Walk for Charity was not as exciting as this, and because I have now another 6 people walking along with me joking, talking and having champagne along our walk.  And furthermore half our walk was in the rain.  Yet there were still many jokes and laughter all the time, well it is just that which makes the walk so pleasant and enjoyable.  Of course the ‘Bubblies’ added to the joy!!!  But there was not without scary moments too walking through Bukit Brown, but we were all so silent, not wanting to disturb the d…. just in case they come with a cup and ask us to share our champagne with them …. hahhahha! On the serious note, there are graves right next to the road along Bukit Brown, but we were safe by night darkness, and I am glad we did not say anything.

After Bukit Brown was all along lighted streets … but most of us were tired, but happy to say that all of us pushed each other along to look forward to seeing the Sun rise, all to be dampened by the rain. We were held back by about 2hrs, then that 2hrs was the rest that we really needed.

I hope we’ve inspired you to just go out and do it. More importantly go out and have FUN doing it!



Our Next Walk! (Yes we loved it so much)

VivoCity to Jurassic Mile!!!  Watch for our stories again, this time I will record the jokes down.


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