You have probably seen silks and hoop being performed either on TV or at the circus. They look amazingly graceful and relaxed when they’re up there performing don’t they? Did you know that you can take classes to learn those same tricks as well?

We speak to Patrick and Gaby from Acro Polates to learn more about Aerial Classes.

They look so graceful up there on their apparatus. Don’t be fooled by the smile and the grace when they perform, it’s a real workout! We speak to Patrick and Gaby about Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop.

There was so much to say and they were so much fun, we decided to show you the entire interview in 2 parts. The last installment is the Trial Class we tried (follow the link to book yours!).

In the first part, we learn all about Aerial Silk and Aerial Hoop, (2 of 4 apparatus they use in class. The others being Aerial Pole and the Lollipop, which are even harder to master) what it is, what they do with it and the benefits of taking such classes.

Watch out for the second part where we talk about the risks, types of classes and how Patrick and Gaby got involved.

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