Cold Mala Chicken Noodles

Contributor: The Food Producer, Singapore

Sweet & savoury dish encompassing protein & veg

Healthy, easy & budget friendly meal. No exotic ingredients, full of taste!

1. Marinate chicken in marinade mix. Marinate in room temperature for 15mins
2. After 30mins, drain the chicken from the marinade. Keep marinade aside, do not throw
3. In a non stick pan, on high heat, sear the chicken pieces on all sides until caramelised, remove
4. Remove excess oil and burnt bits from the pan and return to heat
5. Add sliced yellow onions, capsicum and baby potatoes to the pan, brown and onions are translucent
6. Add tomatoes and chicken to the pan
7. Mix evenly and add the marinade and water to the pan
8. Simmer for 20mins with lid on
9. in the last 5mins, add asparagus, and allow to simmer with lid off to thicken sauce
9. Chicken pot can be served with a bowl of rice or with bread


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