Lemongrass Spicy Seabass Noodles

Contributor: The Food Producer, Singapore

Spicy, Refreshing Seafood Dish

Healthy, Easy, Budget Friendly.


  1. Marinate Seabass in marinade for 15 mins before cooking.
  1. Shake off the marinade & pan sear Seabass in a medium low heat pan, skin side down for 5 mins.
  1. Flip & cook for 2 mins.
  1. Remove & set aside to rest covered with foil.


Noodles & Fish Paste:

  1. Bring a pot of water to a boil, add 1 Tbsp of salt.
  2. Cook noodles for 3 mins, rinse in cold water, back into boiling water for 2nd time & set aside in a bowl.
  3. Shape fish paste as desired and cook in water until it floats.


Noodles Sauce:

  • Gently heat up fish sauce, tamarind, brown sugar & season with lime juice.
  • Remove from heat & add chilli padi, garlic, shallots & coriander.
  • Set aside until ready to serve



  • Toss noodles, cucumber & carrots in the noodles sauce.
  • Top with¬† pan seared Seabass.
  • Finish by garnishing wiht coriander, red onions, fried garlic & calamansi.


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