Tempeh & Tau Gua Bacem

Contributor: Olivia Setyawan

Indonesian Vegan Snack

Contributed by our friend Olivia. This is her family recipe for this snack that’s been her favorite since her childhood! A little sweet, a little tart, tempeh (fermented soy beans), tau gua (a firmer type of tofu) and bean sprouts. Nice while your watching a movie at home!

  1. Cut the Tempeh and Tau Gua into bite sized pieces
  2. Grind the Rumpah ingredients into a rough paste
  3. Heat Oil on medium heat in a pot, stir fry the Rumpah for a minute
  4. Add Tempeh, Tau Gua, Bean Sprouts and Bay Leaves into the pot, stir fry for another 2 minutes
  5. Add Coconut Water until it just covers ingredients
  6. Let it reduce until you have a dry paste covering the ingredients
  7. Serve warm

Note: Tamarind needs to be diluted in a little water so you can remove the seeds before adding to the pot.

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