What is Goalball?

Goalball is a team sport designed for the visually impaired. The game was introduced in 1946, by Austrian Hanz Lorenzen and German Sepp Reindle in an effort to rehabilitate World War II veterans.

Now as a Paralympic sport, Goalball provides a thriving example of how the most challenging goals can be met when individuals work together to develop a strategy for success. Your team would be guided by our athletes with visual impairment (No kidding!) as they physically and emotionally cope with the challenges presented by the game.



How is it played?

All athletes (full blind and partially sighted) are required to wear eyeshades and eye patches to ensure a level playing field.

The game is played in teams of 3. Athletes attempt to score by rolling a ball equipped with bells into the opposing team’s goal. The sound of the bells attached to the ball guide defenders who use their bodies to block against these shots.


Interested to give Goalball a shot?

You can find out more about participation at www.goalball.sg or facebook.com/goalballsg


Upcoming Goalball event

Support our athletes on 21 March 2021 at Clementi Stadium where they are having a 2 on 2 tournament!


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