So you’ve reached the point where you want or meed a fitness coach. Not all coaches are made equal. How can we tell if that Coach is the one for you? There aren’t any handbooks out there to guide you. We had another sit down with Jay from Anytime Fitness Telok Blangah on the topic.

Hiring a fitness coach is great. Tell him or her what you want to achieve and just follow the program. But how sure are you that you’ve got the right one to help you achieve your goals? It’s not like there are any written guides out there, and more than likely everyone you speak to will say they can help.

Once again we’ve reached out to Jay from Anytime Fitness Telok Blangah to get some insight on how to find and hire your personal fitness coach.

In part one, we touched on

  • looking for the right coach
  • finding the right coach for the right activity
  • does qualifications matter
  • how to assess them as the are assessing you
  • what to expect from your coach.

In part 2 of our interview where he talks about

  • how to test your coach
  • being comfortable with your coach
  • revealing your health issues
  • if it makes a difference if it’s a guy or girl
  • warm ups and cool downs

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