This site was conceived as a simple instructional workout site for our Co-Founder. Working in a regional role means that she is constantly on the move, traveling to different countries on a weekly basis. Lacking the knowledge and being too shy to ask for help, the most she got out of the hotel gym was the treadmill.

As the concept evolved, our core values became clear. We need to Educate, Connect & Motivate our Users.

Fitness and Healthy living is mindfully creating a habit that gradually over time becomes a lifestyle.


We want to reach out to anyone looking to make a change in their lives and lifestyles, focusing particularly those living in Asia.


Education about living a more active and healthy life and lifestyle. We aim to achieve this through curating, to the best of our ability, relevant content from trusted content partners as well as producing our own original content. The content would cover a wide array of topics broken into 4 main categories: Fit2Play, Fit2Eat, Fit2BeWell and Fit2gether.


Connection to our stable of local coaches and social fitness groups that we list in our Directories. Giving our Users options to take their objectives one step further by either joining a class, hiring a coach or joining a common interest group.


Educating and connecting in this manner will reinforce and help motivate our Users to persevere with whatever activity they have chosen.

Our content covers multiple verticals of wellness from sports, exercises, nutrition and general tips. These content are crafted with care and in collaboration with our subject professionals and experts.

Sports/ Workouts

FIT2PLAY focuses on bringing relevant content about sports and exercise routines to our audience, encouraging them to try it out and see what fits their lifestyle.

– Introduction to sports

– Where and how to participate in sporting activities

– Workout tips

– Coach engagement


As much as physical wellness, what you eat is important too.

FIT2EAT is a sub category that focus on nutrition covering –

– Nutritional tips

– Recipes

– Basic skills in the kitchen and at the market

Sports/ Workouts

FIT2SBEWELL is about other factors that is closely related for you to lead a healthier lifestyle

This section covers topics such as;

– Medical tips

– Curated recovery guides

– Other general health related content


FIT2GETHER is a sports agnostic, community driven by TEAM FIT2Go members in promoting the sport and giving others an opportunity to be a part of.

Besides that, TEAM FIT2GO will also seek out challenges to conquer together with others.


FIT2SHOP brings our users exclusive merchandise and offerings that will help them lead not only feel good, but looking good as well.

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The Founders

KC Profile Pic

KC Chua

Endurance sports enthusiast. Marathons and triathlons are my jam.

Started on my health journey after I turned 40.

Fit2Go.Asia gives me an opportunity to share what I have learnt about health and fitness from my own personal journey. What I hope comes through from our message is that balancing work, life and health is possible. It is a personal journey made less lonely with friends and family around us. What you sacrifice and what you gain are specific to you.