Washing your helmet. An essential part of making your ride more comfortable in our hot and steamy climate.


Now that we’ve all started cycling, don’t forget to wash your helmets. Yes, you have to wash your helmets!

Especially so in our hot and steamy tropical climate.

After all who wants to ride around with a smelly helmet with sticky straps. Below we have Bike Guru to show you exactly how to do it.



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The information above was cited from an article “Buy The Correct Bicycle To Suit Your Needs”. It was written by Terence Lee Meng Kai who is the founder of Bike Guru. Bike Guru was founded to serve the general population who will like to pick up cycling as well as people who are already in this sport. Bike Guru’s mission is to provide expert tips and advice for cyclists, regardless whether you are a new, recreational or competitive cyclist. Its vision is to spread the love of cycling to the community and to enable people to be passionate in the sport.







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