Growing up, I remember Mum cooking this.  But also, with my recent craze with Japanese cooking, and from watching Tokyo Midnight diner on Netflix. Is the same dish just cooked with Japanese sauces!

I have recently been using a lot of Japanese sauces and found that the flavour changes the dish, which is a very pleasant surprise.  Try it, you will be amazed too.

What inspired the dish was really to make sure I can cope with work and cooking when the Teens get back to school what is more ideal than a One Dish Meal.


1 clove / Garlic

1 clove/ Shallot

300g/Liver (when you shop at the wet market is liver will cost you about $5.00 which you can cook 2 serving depending how much the family loves it)

2 tbsp /Japanese cooking wine or cooking sake

1 tbsp/ Japanese Soya Sauce

3 tbsp/ Japanese Mirin

4 tbsp / Olive Oil

5 tbsp / water

4 to 5 Scallion/ Spring Onion



1- Fry the garlic and shallots till light golden, pour in the bean sprouts, spring onions – fry till all the bean sprouts are coated with oil.


2- Make space in the work to cook the liver (you do that so that you don’t overcook the liver where it becomes tough and chewy – see picture for it) leave it there for 2mins before mixing everything together.


3- The last bit is judgement call – whether the family prefers more gravy or less gravy will determine how much water you add into your wok.  (I usually do this with my ‘gut’ feeling because the family loves gravy and what the dish is pairing with any other dish.

Special thanks to Selinna for sharing this recipe!

Have you tried this recipe? Send us a pic, tell us how it went.

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