Movement. Like breathing or sleeping, it’s not something we think about. We think it and it happens. But as we mature in this modern world, we are required to move less and less. Even more so when we are all working from home during this pandemic. The result of being not being active is not just a drop in fitness, but also a loss your flexibility and mobility.

We all know that sitting behind a desk all day, everyday without any exercise is not good for you. When we think of fitness and health, we tend to think in terms of strength training most of the time (especially men!). As a result, many of us ignore our flexibility and mobility. This results in not being able to function properly when doing normal everyday things. It sounds trivial, but when you add months and years to your limited range of motion and it will add up. Injuries, posture issues, muscular and joint pains can be associated with the lack of flexibility and mobility.

How bad can it be and what can we do?

We discuss all this in this 2 part interview with physiotherapist, Shaun Toh from Fhysio to find out.

In this first part, we ask

  1. what is movement

  2. how does not being active limit your mobility
  3. what’s the difference between flexibility and mobility

  4. can exercise help to improve flexibility and mobility

  5. is too much exercise bad for flexibility and mobility

  6. don’t ignore the cool down sessions

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Our thanks to Shaun Toh from Fhysio for sitting with us to educate us on the importance of Movement, Flexibility and Mobility
Watch out for Part 2 of our interview.

Second Opinion

In this series we speak with subject matter experts about the medical side of fitness and health.

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