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Eg: 100 Calorie Boot Camp
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Terms & Conditions

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General Responsiblities

  1. Member is solely responsible for conducting the class or personal training session
  2. This includes but not limited to, the location, equipment and programming
  3. Your conduct and professionalism will be reflected in the client’s reviews and ratings


  1. Muscles In Motion Pte Ltd, owner of Fit2Go.Asia shall bill clients for your classes and/or sessions
  2. We collect the payment in escrow on your behalf
  3. Payments shall be transferred to Member when client’s payment has cleared
  4. Payment shall be made in bulk 1 day before your class or session
  5. Muscles In Motion Pte Ltd shall automatically deduct its service fees before transferring final payment to Member


  1. Each class or session shall be posted for a maximum of 3 months
  2. The class/session shall be taken down after 3 months
  3. Please submit a new application should you want to continue advertising the same class/session

Administrative Fees

  1. $4.00 per booking per client for classes
  2. $10.00 per booking per client for private sessions