4 Reasons Most Diets Fails, And What You Can Do About It

Stepping on the weighing scale for the first time after having partying over festive seasons is always hard – you don’t know what to expect, and sometimes not knowing feels better because you can escape reality for just a bit longer. But at some point, your clothes feels tighter than it should, and you decide […]

Let’s talk about Dietary Control

Last night I read a social media post that is stuck on my brain. It involved a topic that I feel very strongly about, and one that I encounter both personally and professionally on a daily basis: dietary control. If you follow triathlon, chances are you’re familiar with Holly Lawrence. If not, you can read […]

How To Eat Healthfully (no numbers required)

Based on sensationalized media mentions, it seems like the only way to eat healthfully these days is to crunch numbers. Macros, calories,  carbs–if you’re not somehow tabulating your daily intake, then you’re missing the disciplined, diet-savvy boat.  Many clients come to me frustrated and weary from being chained to an app, feeling like failures if they don’t […]

5 Popular Diets Today

It seems there’s always a new one every couple of months. Here’s an introduction the 5 most popular today. Comfort is a cup of kopi and a generous plate of char kway teow. Yet, your friends or colleagues who are watching their weights may shy away from its springy, smoky goodness. While some diets call […]

3 Common Myths About Dieting

Every so often, we turn to the internet whenever we are looking for a solution to our dieting issues – perks of having such advance technology. However, while internet can provide us with an answer from a reliable source, there are also tons of misconception that were being presented, which may cause more harm than […]

What To Eat To Lose Weight

Can you really eat more and lose weight? Many believe that to shed that bit of extra weight, you have to severely reduce the amount you eat. However, starving yourself is not the answer; instead, it may slow down the body’s metabolism, preventing any long-term weight loss. 1. Understand Your Body’s Needs  The first step […]

Get Full Fast With Fibre

It is advisable to use natural foods instead of taking the drugs or surgery route. It may be as simple as consuming fibrous foods, or drinking a glass of water to enhance fullness. “Choose fibrous foods to keep you satiated; you will automatically feel fuller faster,” advises Sheeba Majmudar, a nutritionist in private practice. “Fibre-wholesome […]

Ways To Maintain A Healthy Weight

High-fat, high-sugar diets and the lack of physical exercise are the major factors behind problems with being overweight and other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. In TCM, being overweight is generally regarded as a sign that imbalances exist in the body. The root causes of these imbalances have to be addressed […]

Too Much Veggies?

Meat lovers rejoice! Yes, there is such a thing as eating too much veggies! We’ve been told from young to eat our veggies. There is no doubt there are definite health benefits to be had. However, like everything else in this world, too much of a good thing is bad. NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS OF EATING ENOUGH […]