Food and Sleep

In our pursuit of healthy sleep, many of us try to follow the mandates of sleep hygiene. Keep the bedroom cool and quiet, switch off electronics, and avoid eating and drinking before bed. But what if we’re hungry, or need to have a late dinner? Which foods are safe to eat close to bedtime, and […]

3 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

If you are a student or a coach working with students, you would certainly recognize that being a student-athlete is hard work! They often have to fit in almost twice as much into their day compared to a typical student. They need to train regularly, revise their school work, get enough sleep, eat healthily, and […]

Circadian Rhythm: A Key to Health

The circadian rhythm is a 24-hour biological cycle that governs when we fall asleep and wake up. A vital part of health and wellness, the circadian rhythm also influences other essential bodily functions such as hormone release, eating habits, digestion, and body temperature. (1) A synchronized circadian rhythm can promote better physical and mental health […]

Sleep and the Immune System

If you want to improve your quality of sleep, you need to maintain a healthy immune system. In this article, we’ll look at how the immune system works, how it relates to sleep, and how you can improve your own immune system. While we’ll look at advice from medical experts, keep in mind that we […]

7 Costly Pre-Competition Mistakes to Avoid

What you should NOT do to be mentally prepared for competition It is almost universal for athletes to feel some sort of anxiety before a competition. Is this a good, or a bad thing? Well, you have got to decide. If you decide that it is good, you will probably welcome the “butterflies” as a […]

12 Sport Parenting Tips from a Non-Parent

Its universal, young athletes seek approval from their parents, and parents, for the most part, have their children’s best interests in mind. However, against the current climate where early specialization is the norm and Direct School Admission (DSA) often the main motivation, it’s easy for parents, coaches and young athletes to get overwhelmed by the […]

Between Information and Application…

It is no longer surprising to hear athletes make statements such as “I should focus on the process rather than the outcome.” Compared to when I first started coaching, both coaches and athletes today are better informed about the need to focus on the process. However, there is still a gap between information and application. […]

4 Healthy Habits You Can Create During Home Quarantine

You’re stuck at home, can’t go out and simply can’t wait for this ordeal to end? Well, we think this is a great opportunity for you to take a look at your lifestyle, diet and fitness routine. You’re told to work from home, the government discourages you from going out of your house only if […]

4 Ways to Stay Happy & Healthy while Working from Home

Things might be difficult with what’s happening around the world right now. With the corona virus outbreak some of us might have been asked to work remotely, which could be a challenge to balance both work life and home life – in addition to taking care of our overall health. But there’s no need to […]