G is for Garlic

Also known as the Stinking Rose, did you know it has many beneficial propoerties? Garlic is rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, and is used widely for flavouring. However, garlic has also been prescribed as medicine throughout ancient and modern history. Read on for the four health benefits of garlic. Boosts Heart […]

O is for Onion

Onions are found in almost every kitchen, yet many of us are unaware of benefits they offer. Onions are a rich source of quercetin, a chemical that is associated with a reduced risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. However, quercetin is sensitive to heat, and may be lost depending on your cooking method. Studies […]

All About Rice

Being Asian, it’s impossible to talk about food without talking about rice. Rice is the staple of the entire region. You cannot run away from the fact that it is everywhere, it’s part of our breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. It’s the vehicle that carries all the wonderful tastes of Asia into our mouths, […]

20 Essential Ingredients To Cook Asian Food

We here at Fit2Go are dedicated to offering you all sorts of healthy Asian dishes. Unfortunately, different cuisines call for a wide variety of ingredients. We’d end up with a very crowded kitchen if we bought everything. So, we have attempted to boil it down for you. You should be able to create most Asian […]

Get Full Fast With Fibre

It is advisable to use natural foods instead of taking the drugs or surgery route. It may be as simple as consuming fibrous foods, or drinking a glass of water to enhance fullness. “Choose fibrous foods to keep you satiated; you will automatically feel fuller faster,” advises Sheeba Majmudar, a nutritionist in private practice. “Fibre-wholesome […]

Too Much Veggies?

Meat lovers rejoice! Yes, there is such a thing as eating too much veggies! We’ve been told from young to eat our veggies. There is no doubt there are definite health benefits to be had. However, like everything else in this world, too much of a good thing is bad. NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS OF EATING ENOUGH […]

L is for Lengkuas

Lengkuas, also known as galangal or Thai ginger, is a spice that is closely related to ginger and turmeric. Compared to ginger however, it has a sharper flavour with hints of citrus and pine. In traditional medicine, lengkuas is used as a remedy for various ailments, which gave it its 13th century moniker, the “spice […]

What is Processed Food

You hear it all the time, get healthy, stop eating so much processed food. Ever thought about it? What exactly IS processed food? What makes it so unhealthy? What are processed foods? “Processed foods” is a VERY general term. The International Food Information Council qualifies the processing of food as “any deliberate change in a food that […]

All Your Common Protein Questions Answered

article kindly shared by: sportsnutritionistjames.com As somebody starting out on your fitness journey, you might hear a lot about protein, and have questions, but nobody to answer you. I have compiled some of the common questions received on protein and posted it into one big FAQ so you can find all your protein related questions […]

NUTRITION LABELS- What to look out for

We all get attracted by the big bold statements on the front of every package. If it’s caught your eye, then that big bold message has done its job. The truth is more likely under the hood, or in this case, at the back of the packaging. Nutrition labels are boring. Lots of numbers and […]