Pole Fitness Part 3

It’s time for the real deal! See the basics of Pole Fitness. if you have watched Part 1 & Part 2 of this series you should have a good understanding of what Pole Fitness is about. Now it’s time to show you what you as a participant would have to do during a class. Watch […]

Pole Fitness Part 2

Pole Fitness. Such a powerful yet graceful workout. What do we need to know before we sign up for a class? In Part 2 of our series, we ask Suzie Wong the beginner questions. Are there segregated classes or are classes mixed with male and female participants? What do we wear, and are there any […]

Pole Fitness Part 1

POLE FITNESS Pole Dance, Pole Fitness, Exotic Pole Yes it’s a fitness movement! Furthermore, it’s not a sport to be snuffed at. To get to the level where it looks effortless and graceful takes a lot of hard work and training. Excellent replacement for the gym and a form of Body Weight Workout. The end […]