How to Recover over the age of 40

Over 40 you can keep getting fitter and stronger when you counteract what is happening with our body as we age. Below is Part 1 of my recipe for being the best athlete you can be over the age of 40. The primary focus of the anti-aging medical community these days is the steady and […]

Watch Your Back

Poor posture isn’t just an aesthetic problem—it can lead to chronic ailments over time. Muscle weakness, incorrect sleeping and seated positions and protracted viewing of television and computer can all contribute to poor posture, which in turn can lead to other health problems such as headaches, lower-back pains and nerve constrictions. To find out if […]

3 Simple Shoulder Moblility Moves To Do At Your Desk

We sit hunched over at the desk for hours on end. We’re typing and slouching and slowly sinking into “bad” posture. Our shoulders are paying the price for this, but is our 1 hour at the gym here and there helping us improve that? Is our personal trainer constantly barking at us to “get your […]

Food As Medicine

Harness the power of food as a means to reducing inflammation in the body Inflammation occurs when the body needs to heal – it’s the immune system responding to an injury or defending it against viruses or bacteria, but it can also be part of something more systemic. When inflammation occurs white blood cells and […]

Ortho, Osteo, Physio, Chiro, Sports Massage…. what’s what??

article contributed by: David Wells, Osteopath & Kinesiologist What’s the difference? They all sound like they do the same thing! Confused? We asked our friend David Wells, an Osteopath & Kinesiologist, to explain to us in simple English. No more confusion after this! Sooner or later these words are going to come up. Most of […]