Olympic Wrestling Part 3

We’ve asked Coach Gabe many questions in the past 2 installments. Now it’s time to see for ourselves what happens in class! In Part 1 & Part 2 we introduced the sport, explained how it works, talked about the kind of training they do. In Part 3, it’s time to see what actually happens in […]

Olympic Wrestling Part 2

Now we know Olympic Wrestling hast nothing to do with body slams, ladder matches and royal rumbles, what else is there to know? In Part 1 we learnt about the rules, history, training involved and the benefits of rate sport. In Part 2, we ask Coach Gabe of Meerkats Wrestling Club what we need to […]

Olympic Wrestling Part 1

Wrestling. Just the word alone conjures up images of body slams, ladder matches and royal rumbles. But that’s not the Wrestling we’re referring to in this 3 part series. We speak with Coach Gabe Huang from Meerkats Wrestling Club to find out more. In Part 1, we find out how is it different from the […]