Workout Without Exercising

Are you feeling overloaded with messages to exercise & get healthy during this Covid 19 period?


We’re about a month into our Circuit Breaker. There’s been an explosion of workout sites, gyms and trainers with all sorts of variations of online classes, free and otherwise.

We hope you’ve taken the opportunity to catch all the free sessions online. If not, then at least taken the time to get more exercise in.

On the other hand, if you’re sick of all these messages, we’ve got a list of activities that aren’t workouts but keep you burning calories anyway. It’s recommended that we get 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week. That works out to be almost 22 minutes per day. Our list of activities are actually mostly daily activities and habits. Done in combination and with conscious effort, it isn’t difficult to achieve those minutes and stay healthy.


Impossible? Let’s take a look



This is only if you have a full on garden, not a few pots strewn around your corridor. Sorry. About 20 minutes of work in a garden will burn off 100 calories. All those activities while you’re gardening not only keeps you strong, it also helps you with your flexibility and mobility, an extremely important part of your physical fitness as we get older. The bonus of getting healthy is the pretty flowers, herbs, fruits and produce you can reap from your garden.




(all the different types)

This is NOT working out. Walking is an everyday activity we all have to do.

Get into walking EVERYWHERE within reason. Save that bus or cab fare and walk. You can do it in so many different ways.


The Stroll

A 20 minute stroll can burn up to 100 calories. Perhaps a long stroll to your lunch destination, or from the train station to or from home, after dinner. You can make it social and bring the family along.


The Speed Walk

Challenge yourself to walk 2km in 20 minutes! You can get rid of up to 1200 calories a month if you do it daily! Short and quick, gets your cardio up too.


The Urban Explorer

Grab your hat, towel, water bottle and camera. Go out and explore the city, become a tourist for the day or get lost in your part of the urban jungle for the morning. It’s easy on the joints, burns calories, maybe get some nice pictures. And more likely than not, find some place nice to eat while you’re at it!


The Long Hike

If you’re the rough and tumble type, then a long walk through your nature reserve will be more your cup of tea. 100 calories every 15 minutes! And you get the additional benefits of being surrounded by nature while doing it.


Use the Stairs

Again, another mundane everyday activity! But the stairs does you a lot of good. They wouldn’t have created the Stair Master otherwise. We’re not telling to walk all the way up if you live on the 40th floor. Go to the 35th and walk the rest of the way. As you get stronger you can challenge yourself to do more. Just by climbing 2 flights of stairs a day for a year could help you lose nearly 3 kilos. 6 flights means triple that. Wow! How about that? Not even trying to workout.



Here’s a wonderful way to rope your friends in. Doesn’t matter which beat you move to, it’s 100 calories every 17 minutes! Head to a club, take a class, jump up and down in your living room naked. In some cases it could burn more calories than running!



Time to start getting your freak on! Yaas! Not a workout but kind of. Women burn off about 70 calories and men about 100 per session, according to University of Montreal researchers.


Bike rides

A clean and healthy way to get around. You could ride to work if your office has a place for you to shower and change. You could use it to move around your neighborhood just as easily. In fact, you could take it to explore further than just the neighborhood. If you have a foldie, you could take a bus and cycle halfway through. You don’t have to ride fast to get the benefits.


Stability Balls

If you work from home, consider using a Stability Ball. It helps to strengthen your core. It can burn up to 100 calories a day. That’s an extra 30,000 calories or nearly 4kg a year.



Surprised? Turns out belting out your favourite KTV numbers can burn through 100 calories every 40 minutes. Just be careful where you do this, don’t you don’t want to annoy your neighbour while they’re having their lunch or worse, get eggs thrown at you for your talent.



Laughter is not only the best medicine, it’s a workout. Laughter has been shown to improve one’s mental and physical wellbeing. Now you can laugh knowing that it also increases your metabolic rate by 10 to 20%.

It’s not jaw dropping, but it all adds up to a healthier you!



All the activities suggested here is not meant replace your regular exercise. However, done in combination, you could burn off enough calories til the next workout. Done in combination, you could possibly burn off enough calories to make up for your consumption for the day.

At the end of it all, stay active, keep moving, laugh a lot and love each other.


Leave us a comment to let us know how we’re doing to help you on your journey.

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