A typical busy day at home

Conference call is on, kids are on the way home from school, phone buzzing and the list goes on. This is a typical day for a work from home mum, and it does not stop! Because every time the kids are back from schools – first question is “Mummy, what’s there to eat?!”

There are days where I really appreciate the pandemic, it teaches the kids to personally plan out their meals – what they want to eat, from where and knowing to work within the budget for their meal.

Me in return, trying to make sure I make the best meal each time and keeping a variety of choices available.

All I want is the food to taste good. As a busy working Mum, what I like to do is clear the refrigerator out once a week. I start by creating the brine with all the left-over fresh herbs, dry herbs, citrus fruit and soak the meat in it, ready for a grill, oven baking or even fried.

Brining is a great way to marinate your meats in preparation for your next meal. It’s really convenient because it can be stored in the freezer until you need it. Just remember to take it out of the freezer in the morning though!

Also, you get to use up all your balance herbs and spices, such as

  • onions
  • ginger
  • garlic
  • pepper
  • whatever herbs you have left
  • any aromatic vegetables

All these things add flavor to whatever meat you want to marinate. Don’t be frightened of experimenting either.

Wet Brining

Here’s an example of a wet brine that I did with chicken

  • add enough water to cover the meat
  • throw in all your aromatics, in this case I used Rosemary, lemons, chilly and soy sauce
  • bring to a simmer
  • let the liquid cool






  • place the chicken in the cooled liquid









  • let the meat sit in the liquid for at least an hour before taking it out









  • if your going o use it at a later date, then transfer the cooled meat into a container and place in the freezer or chiller
  • otherwise you can cook the meat straight away
  • in this picture I’ve actually added a little more seasoning






Am I doing it right?

Of course, you are doing it right… right to your own taste! Right, to zero waste. Right, to be your own Master Chef@home!

  • Always have your favorite seasonings at home e.g. Fish sauce (my latest craze now), oyster sauce, soy sauce of different kinds – Chinese and/or Japanese.
  • Is time to start an Herb rack – dry and/or fresh
  • Be prepared to spend a little more time after your marketing for fresh food to season or brine your meats
  • Wash and seasoned up some meat for use during the week – (I find that really effective to tasting good, and easy to prepare for a quick meal, just have to remember to bring it out of the freezer. And these are exceptional good on ‘Dates night’ when the kids at home can make their own meal)
  • Sick and tired of rice, have instant noodles ready at home
  • Marinated food is great as 1 dish meal just like Chicken Rice or Claypot rice.


Big thanks to Selinna for this article contribution. Hope you guys get a better idea of what you could do to season your meats and not let your ingredients go to waste.


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