5 Reasons To Keep Exercising

How do you motivate yourself to exercise and keep at it?

Once upon a time, I was someone who rarely exercised. Like most of you, exercise was relatively unimportant to me. During my free time, I would much rather hang out with friends, go shopping, surf the net, watch TV…pretty much anything except exercise.

Until one fine day, I met up with an old friend of mine to whom we had long ago given the nickname “professional couch potato”. It was one of the biggest shocks of my life! He looked completely different. Compared to his previously lethargic and overweight form one year ago, he had become an energetic and slim young man. His secret? Working out every day.

This was when I realised that daily exercise could do amazing things to a person. I was so impressed and motivated by my friend, that that very day I started my workout routine of going for a 30-minute run every day as well. The effects were amazing – I felt more alert and slimmed down a lot as well.

Still not convinced? Have a read through these reasons and hopefully, they will motivate you!


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