Waist Whittler 1

Waist Whittler

Here are the first two moves from the Waist Whittler Cardio Pilates. —

1 min of Jump Squats.

A powerful move that challenges your cardio and strengthen your lower body at the same time. Land on the balls of your feet and bend your knees so that your muscles will absorb the impact instead of your joints. Imagine you need to hop over a pile of stinking poop and load up your booty muscles to sprint upwards. 💩🤢 —

1 min of Plank Hip Twist.

Prolly one of my favourite obliques move. Not only does this move attacks your obliques, it also challenges your coordination and stability as you rotates your torso while trying not to hike your booty up. If you play ball games, this helps with your torso rotation to go after the balls.




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